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  • "Y" - Normally leave to run at start-up
  • "N" - Not required - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary
  • "U" - User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary
  • "X" - Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs"
  • "?" - Unknown

Startup Name Process Name Details
X2020Downloadermssvr.exe"2020Search Toolbar"
XAccessMedia P2P Loaderamp2pl.exe"My AccessMedia toolbar related
UAct! PreloaderAct8.exe"Sage Software's ACT! ""enables individuals and small business customers to instantly access key contact and customer information
XADM Library Loaderadmlib32.exe"Added by a variant of the SDBOT TROJAN!"
UAdobe Gamma LoaderAdobe Gamma Loader.exe"Adjusts monitor colours across all programs
UAdobe Gamma Loader.exeAdobe Gamma Loader.exe"Adjusts monitor colours across all programs
NAdobe Photo Downloaderapdproxy.exe"Part of Adobe's Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements packages - starts each time you connect an external image device to your PC (see here)"
XAol Configuration Loaderaimsng.exe"Added by the SDBOT-XE WORM!"
XAudoi Device Loadersmssv.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-ZY WORM!"
XAuto Scroll LoaderASCRLL.EXE"Added by the SPYBOT-T WORM!"
XAutoloaderaproposclientApropos_Client_Loader.exe"AproposMedia adware"
XAutoloaderaproposclientcxtpls_loader.exe"AproposMedia adware"
XAutoLoaderEnvoloAutoUpdaterauto_update_loader.exe"Envolo/AproposMedia adware updater"
Xauto__hloader__keyhloader_exe.exe"Added by the BAGLE.AB TROJAN!"
XBIOS XP Loader[random filename]"Added by the RBOT-IC WORM!"
Ublsloaderblsloader.exe"BellSouth ISP Internet Tools"
XBootLoaderBootLoader.exe.vbs"Added by the WATERWORKS WORM!"
XBot Loadersvchostt.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.ALV WORM!"
XCacheLoader[path to trojan]"Added by the DLOADER-NZ TROJAN!"
Ycdloadercdloader2.exe"From MagicJack - ""A softphone device that allows you to attach an analog phone into the PC so you can have a traditional-style phone system in your house without any monthly charge"""
UCDLoadersb32mon.exe"Part of the SpyBuddy keystroke logger/monitoring program - see here. Remove unless you installed it yourself!"
XClrSchLoader[path to file]"ClearSearch adware"
XConfig Loadersvchosl.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.P WORM!"
XConfig Loadersysldr32.exe"Added by the GAOBOT WORM!"
XConfig Loaderscvhost.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AE or GAOBOT.AO WORMS!"
XConfig Loadersvhost.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XConfig Loadersvchost2.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.XE WORM!"
XConfig Loader[worm filename]"Added by the AGOBOT-AE WORM!"
XConfig LoaderSYSMGR.EXE"Added by the AGOBOT.C WORM!"
XConfig Loaderwincrt32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-AW WORM!"
XConfig Loader for Microsoft Windowsmwincfg32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.BD WORM!"
XConfig Loader2explores.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.BT WORM!"
XConfiggLoadercart322.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.DJ WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderaim95.exe"Added by the LOADCFG or SDBOT TROJANS!"
XConfiguration Loadercmd32.exe"Added by the LOADCFG or SDBOT TROJANS!"
XConfiguration Loadersyscfg32.exe"Added by the SDBOT.B BACKDOOR!"
XConfiguration Loaderservice5.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AF WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderlfass.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadersycfg34.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AN WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderwincrt32.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.BF WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderwindex.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.BZ WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderdosrun32.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderService.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderServicess.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadersw32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.BQ WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderSystem.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderWinreg.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadersysinfo.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.FQ WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermicrosoft.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.JB WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderconfgldr.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.GEN!POLY WORM!"
Xconfiguration loaderwinicfg32.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.RQ WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadersvhst.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.YC WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermsgfix.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AUS or SDBOT.J or SDBOT-QG WORMS!"
XConfiguration Loadermsnss.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AUS WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderIEXPL0RE.EXE"Added by the SDBOT BACKDOOR! Note the number ""0"" in the filename"
XConfiguration Loaderloadcfg32.exe"Added by the SDBOT BACKDOOR! Note the number ""0"" in the filename"
XConfiguration LoaderMSTasks.exe"Added by the LOADCFG or SDBOT TROJANS!"
XConfiguration Loadersystemry.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderccSort.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.SR WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadersmss32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.MB WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderwincffg.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.A3 WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderseru32.exe"Added by the SDBOT-VR WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderbotss.exe"Added by the SDBOT-XS WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderldasp.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.BH WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermsgcfgsrv.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadersmsai.exe"Added by the SDBOT-YE WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadersvupdate.exe"Added by the RANDEX.DXP WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadercrcss.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.ADG WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderlexplore.exe"Added by the RBOT-AGX WORM! Note - the executable is spelt with a lower case ""L"" rather than an lower or upper case ""i"" which is the case with Internet Explorer"
XConfiguration Loaderscvhost.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-AAE and SDBOT.AR WORMS!"
XConfiguration Loadersvchost.exe"Added by the PARADROP-A WORM! Note - this is not the legitimate svchost.exe process which should not normally figure in Msconfig/Startup!"
XConfiguration Loadersvchost2.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.JR WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderdezi.exe"Added by the SDBOT-OB WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermouse.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermsg.exe"Added by the SDBOT.BT WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderWinHelper.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderextrac.exe"Added by the SDBOT-AFP WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderDVD-Player.exe"Added by a variant of the SDBOT WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderIEXPLORE.EXE"Added by the SDBOT-KW WORM! Note - this is not the legitimate Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) which is always located in %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer and should not normally figure in Msconfig/Startup! This one is located in %System%"
XConfiguration Loaderwincore.exe"Added by the SDBOT.BHE WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderconfigldr.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-PP TROJAN!"
XConfiguration Loaderahnhst.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.MX WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderntdm.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.RV WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermsnmsgr.exe"Added by the SDBOT-SO WORM! Note - this is not the valid MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger) utility which is located in either %ProgramFiles%\MSN Messenger or %ProgramFiles%\Windows Live\Messenger. This one is located in %System%"
XConfiguration Loadersvschost.exe"Added by the SDBOT-NS WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderwump.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-BU BACKDOOR!"
XConfiguration LoaderWinSys32ys.exe"Added by the SDBOT.BCS WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadercvcd.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-DH BACKDOOR!"
XConfiguration Loaderasnclt32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-EB BACKDOOR!"
XConfiguration Loadersoundconf.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-MH WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderwin32exec.exe"Added by the SDBOT-LA WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermservs.exe"Added by the SDBOT-NM WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderupdate.exe"Added by the SDBOT-OS WORM!"
XConfiguration LoaderFILENAME.EXE"Added by the AGOBOT-DQ WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderexplore.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.GW WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermsgfixy.exe"Added by the SLINBOT.QW BACKDOOR!"
XConfiguration Loaderwinfix.exe"Added by the SDBOT-MA WORM!"
XConfiguration Loaderscvh0st.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-AX WORM!"
XConfiguration Loadermsrun.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-Y WORM!"
XConfiguration Loader 2confuldr.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-FC WORM!"
XConfiguration Loader ServiceWinsys32.exe"Added by the RBOT-YV WORM!"
XConfiguration Loader Servicedevl32.exe"Added by the SDBOT-XY WORM!"
XConfiguration Loader10ip7.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-ANZ WORM!"
XConfiguration32 Loader32winamp32.exe"Added by the SDBOT-BIC WORM!"
XConfLoadersysconf16.exe"Added by the SDBOT-FB TROJAN!"
NCorel Photo DownloaderMediaDetect.exe"Related to Corel Photo Album"
XCSRSS Loadercsrsss.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.TX WORM!"
XCTF Device Loaderctfmond.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-FO WORM!"
XDevice Configuration Loadermsdvc32.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XDisk Defragmentation Loaderpmsvcr.exe"Added by a variant of the IRCBOT TROJAN!"
XDll Boot Loader on Startup (do not remove this)[various filenames]Added by an unidentified TROJAN!
XDllLoaderlssas.exe"Added by the BDOOR-JE BACKDOOR!"
UDMHotKeyDMLoader.exeHotKey access to the Samsung Display Manager on laptops and ultra-mobiles that support it - such as the M55 and Q1
Xdmloaderdmloader.exe"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
XDos Prompt Loadercygwin.exe"Added by the SDBOT-VV WORM!"
XDynamic Link Library loaderLoader32.exe"Added by the KOL TROJAN!"
UeDataSecurity LoadereDSloader.exe"Part of Acer Empowering Technology. ""Acer eDataSecurity Management is a handy file encryption utility that protects files from being accessed by unauthorized persons
NEDLoaderDTLoader.exeEffective Desktop from MiniStars Software - desktop management software no longer being supported
XExplorer Loaderexplr32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.N WORM!"
XExplorer Loaderexplorerl.exe"Added by the SDBOT-ADI WORM!"
UFirefox PreloaderFirefoxPreloader.exe"Firefox Preloader - ""a utility that is designed to load parts of Mozilla Firefox into memory before it is used to improve the its startup time"". Even on fast machines Firefox can take a while to load"
XFontsLoaderldfnt32.htaUnidentified malware
YFP Loaderloadfp.exe"FoolProof Security - PC security software from SmartStuff"
XFXieloader.exeAdded by the SMALL.RR TROJAN!
XGenericHostXPWinLoaderXP.exe"Added by the BDOOR-ACX BACKDOOR!"
XGraphic Loaderntvdm32.exe"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
UGravis Appawareloaderdbserver.exe"Looks like it's associated with Gravis game controllers and the Keyset Manager
XHighspeeddownloaderSetupClickHere.EXE"Homepage hijacker
UIBMUltraBayHotSwapCPLLoaderIBMBAY2N.EXESupports hot swapping in Thinkpad UltraBay Option on IBM ThinkPad laptops
XiConfigLoaderDIIhost.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
XIDE LoaderIDElibr32.exe"Added by the XILON TROJAN! Related to the game ""Diablo II"""
XIELoader32iexplore32.exe"Added by the SPEX or SPEX.B WORMS!"
XInternet Loader1MSInstall61.exe"Added by the KWBOT.B WORM!"
XInternet Protocol Configuration Loaderipcl32.exe"Added by the SDBOT TROJAN!"
XInters Configuration LoaderRCL0ADERS.exe"Added by the SDBOT-KX WORM!"
XIomega_loaderIomega_loader.exe"Added by the ANTINNY.F WORM!"
XJava32 Configuration Loadermsnmesgr.exe"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
XKernel Loaderntkrnl.exe"Added by the CERVIVEC.A WORM!"
UKK Loaderloadkk.exe"KeyKey XP Professional from "Monitor Instant Messages
XKTAX Auto Loaderktax.exe"Added by the SDBOT-MZ WORM!"
Xloaderloader.exe"Homepage hijacker
XloaderWMPLAYER.EXEUnknown baddie - WMPLAYER.EXE is stored in the location and uses the same name as Windows Media Player but that valid Windows program doesn't load at startup
Xloader32sys*****.exe [***** = random digit]"Added by the DOMCOM TROJAN!"
Xloader32Loader32.exeAdded by an unidentified TROJAN!
XLoadersHeIp.exe"Added by the SDBOT-ADB WORM!"
XLoadingAgentZipLoader32.exe"Added by the OBLIVION TROJAN! This executable is one of the most common but there are more"
ULogon LoaderLogonLoader.exe"Logon Loader - customize boot & login screens"
ULogon Loader RandomLogonLoader.exe"Logon Loader - customize boot & login screens"
XMajor Microsoft Windows Driver Boot loaderbpool.exe"Added by the MYTOB.AJ WORM!"
XMediaPipe P2P Loadermpp2pl.exe"MediaPipe peer-to-peer file swapping program also reported as a hijacker"
XMicrosoft (R) Windows DLL Loaderrundll32.exe"Added by the RANKY.W TROJAN! Note - this is not the legitimate rundll32.exe process
XMicrosoft Config Loadermsconfig32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.XX WORM!"
XMicrosoft Config Loadermsrun32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-DY WORM!"
XMicrosoft Config Loadermsconf32.exe"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
UMicrosoft CTF Loaderctfmon.exe"Supports multiple languages and alternative method inputs in Windows and MS Office. The language bar is displayed alongside the System Tray if more than one keyboard layout is enabled (for switching input languages) or
XMicrosoft Update Loader[random filename]"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
XMicrosoft Update Loaders 2005winusers.exe"Added by the RBOT-AIQ WORM!"
XMicrosoft Update Loaders 2006winusersystem32.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XMicrosoft Windows Files Loadercgy32win.exe"Added by the RBOT-AXR WORM!"
XMicrosoft Windows Loaderwloader.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XMicrosoft Windows XP Configuration Loaderm32svco.exe"Added by the SDBOT.WORM!.48548 WORM!"
XMicrosoft Xp Systems loaderwinsystem32xp.exe"Added by the KELVIR.W WORM!"
XMicrosoft Xp Systems loaderswin32xpsys.exe"Added by the SPYBOT.NYT WORM!"
XMp3 LoaderSysdata.EXE"Added by the AVETTE-A VIRUS!"
XMS Autoloader 32MSAuto32.exe"Added by the SPYBOT.BD WORM!"
XMS Config Loadersvchos1.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.R WORM!"
XMS Config LoaderMSWin32bck.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AA WORM!"
XMS Config Loadersvcrhost.exe"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
XMS Config ServiceMsloader32.exe"Added by the RBOT-KJ WORM!"
XMs Valud LoaderSvhots.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-SP WORM!"
XMsn Configuration Loadermsngms.exe"Added by the KELVIR.T WORM!"
XMSN Configuration Loadermsmsncfg.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-KX BACKDOOR!"
XMSN Message Background loader[path to worm]"Added by the RBOT-AIE WORM!"
XMSN Messenger Inbox Loadermsninbox.exe"Added by the SLENFBOT.YG WORM!"
XMSN Registry loadermsmnwin.exe"Added by the KELVIR.FK WORM!"
XmsReg32 Loadermsreg32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.IU WORM!"
Xmswsplvnmispoisn downloader.exeSearchBarCash adware variant
UMXO Auto LoaderMXOaldr.exeMaxtor includes a driver to bypass the Windows certified drivers check just when it detects an external drive. MXOaldr.exe is installed with the new driver and if disabled the button on a Maxtor OneTouch External Store no longer functions
XNBInstallMBDownloader_876919.exe"Added by the MIRAR_D TROJAN!"
XNeroLoaderNeroLoader.exe"Added by the BANCBAN-EJ TROJAN!"
XNetzip Smart Downloadernpnzdad.exeAdvertising spyware
NNorton Navigator Loadernnloader.exe"An older Norton utility for file management under Windows 95. More information here"
XNT Windows System Manager Loadercsrlss.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.OX WORM!"
XOeloaderOeloader.exe"Xupiter OrbitExplorer toolbar related. Drive-by foistware. Use Spybot S&D
XOleLoaderole32.exeAdded by the DELF.BR TROJAN!
UPassword Door LoaderPDMonitor.exe"Password Door - password protection software"
NPhoto Loader supervisoryPlauto.exe"Casio's Photo Loader software. Hook up your camera to the USB port
?PLoaderumsd.exe"USB Mass Storage Disk related tray icon. Is it required?"
UQoeloaderQoeloader.exe"Qurb 2.0 anti-spam tool for Outlook/Outlook Express. Required when supporting OE but not for Outlook. Shortcut available via Start -> Programs"
XRegistry Loaderregloadr.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
XRegistry Loaderwinhlpp32.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
Xreg_keyloader_name.exe"Added by the BEAGLE.Y or BEAGLE.Z or BEAGLE.AA WORMS!"
?RUSBHOLoader"rundll32.exe RUSBHOLoader.dll AutoRegister"
Xscvhost loaderixplore.exe"Added by the SDBOT-CY TROJAN!"
Xsearchbarvnmispoisn downloader.exeSearchBarCash adware variant
XServices DLL Loadersrvdll.exe"Added by the SLENFBOT.ZS WORM!"
NSMSI LoaderSMLoader.exe"Smith Micro HotFax - fax software"
XSMSSS Loadersmsss.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.MQ WORM!"
XSound Loadersndloader.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-BV WORM!"
XSpool Loaderspool.exe"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
Xstcloaderstcloader.exe"SecondThought adware"
NStreamload DownloaderSlDB.exe"Downloader for MediaMax (was Streamload) - ""gives you a private and secure place to upload
NStreamload UploaderStreamMgr.exe"Uploader for MediaMax (was Streamload) - ""gives you a private and secure place to upload
XSvhost Loadersvshost.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.G WORM!"
Xsvnloadersvnload32.exe"Added by the RBOT-ACU WORM!"
XSvost Loadersvost.exe"Added by the SDBOT.G BACKDOOR!"
XSymantec Configuration LoaderccApp32.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-EE WORM!"
XSystem Boot Loadersysboot32.exe"Added by the SDBOT.PG WORM!"
XSystem Loadersystems.exe"Added by the AGOGBOT-FI WORM!"
XSystem Loadersyscfg.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-BS BACKDOOR!"
XSystem Loaderapsyst19b.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-AT BACKDOOR!"
XSystemLoadersysldr32.exe"Added by the DOWNLDR-NS TROJAN!"
XTask Loader{rdprM@Y_VO^"Added by the AGOBOT.CB WORM!"
XThe Service Pack Loaderspxp.exe"Added by the RBOT-BYM WORM!"
UTPP Auto LoaderTppaldr.exe"Installed with DataStor's (and some other manufacturers) USB 2.0 based external DVD
Xvnmispoisn downloadervnmispoisn downloader.exeSearchBarCash adware variant
XW32PluginsDownloaderXMLHTTPSelfClearing7520wiper.exe"Added by the PROXYSER-M TROJAN!"
XWifi Loaderwifiload.exe"Added by the IRCBOT.XEL BACKDOOR!"
XWifi Loader!wifiloader.exe"Added by the IRCBOT.XES BACKDOOR!"
XWin TaskLoadermsgmr.exe"Added by the MYTOB.L WORM!"
XWin32 Device LoaderWin32ldr.exe"Added by a variant of the AGOBOT/GAOBOT WORM!"
XWin32 Rundll LoaderRundll32.exe"Added by the SDBOT.A TROJAN! Note - this is not to be confused with the legitimate rundll32.exe file!"
Xwin32 security updates downloadertskmngr.exe"Added by a variant of the SDBOT WORM! See here"
XWin32.Trojan.Downloadernetstat2.exe"Added by the PAINTER TROJAN!"
XWindow LoaderDos32.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.AO WORM!"
XWindows Autostart Loadernotepad32.exe"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
XWindows Config LoaderWincfg32.exe"Added by the SILVERFTP TROJAN!"
XWindows Configuration Loaderasclt.exe"Added by the SDBOT-OA WORM!"
XWindows Configuration Loadermsgfix.exe"Added by the SDBOT-NP WORM!"
XWindows DDE Loaderwindde32.exe"Added by the SDBOT-UZ WORM!"
XWindows DLL LoaderRUNDLL16.EXE"Added by the DOMWIS TROJAN!"
XWindows DLL Loaderdefragfat32z.exe"Added by the LINKBOT.A WORM!"
XWindows DLL Loaderrundll32.exe"Added by the WHIPSER-B WORM! Note - this is not the legitimate rundll32.exe process"
XWindows DLL Loaderdefragfat32pi.exe"Added by the RBOT-QQ WORM!"
XWindows DLL Loaderdefragfat39.exe"Added by the POEBOT-C WORM!"
XWindows DLL Loaderdefragfatz.exe"Added by the LINKBOT.H WORM!"
XWindows DLL Loaderdefragfat32.exe"Added by the SDBOT-SS WORM!"
XWindows DLL Loaderdefragfat32abc.exe"Added by the RBOT-RG WORM!"
XWindows DLL Loaderwdevice.exe"Added by a variant of the SDBOT WORM!"
XWindows DLL LoaderSYSCFG16.EXE"Added by the DOMWIS-N WORM!"
XWindows DLL LoaderWINCFG32.EXE"Added by the AGOBOT-TE WORM!"
XWindows DLL Loaderdefragfatx.exe"Added by the POEBOT-F WORM!"
XWindows Graphics Loaderswingraphics.exe"Added by the SPYBOT.JG WORM!"
XWindows Loaderwstart32.exe"Added by the GAOBOT.CA WORM!"
XWindows LoaderwinServices.pif"Detected by Kaspersky as the CARDSPY.D TROJAN!"
XWindows LoaderSysUpdate.exe"Added by a variant of the SDBOT WORM!"
XWindows Loader Servicecivsc.exe"Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!"
XWindows Media Loaderwmloader.exe"Added by a variant of the GAOBOT WORM!"
XWindows Registry Express Loaderregexpress.exe"Added by the FORBOT-CJ WORM!"
XWindows Service LoaderWindow.exe"Added by the RBOT-XO WORM!"
XWindows Shell Library Loaderload shell.dll"CoolWebSearch parasite variant"
XWindows System Manager Loadersmsls.exe"Added by the AGOBOT.TF WORM!"
XWindows update loaderxpupdate.exe"Malware installed by different rogue security software including SpyKillerPro. Also detected as the BRAVE-A TROJAN!"
XWindows32 Configuration Loadermsrf32.exe"Added by the SDBOT-ABX WORM!"
XWindowsFZzloader3.exe"Variant of the SmitFraud alias FAKEALE-C TROJAN!"
XWindws Configuration LoaderLEXPLORE.exe"Added by the SODABOT WORM!"
XWinLoader[random filename]"Added by variants of the SUBSEVEN TROJAN!"
XWins Loader5Gadu-Gadu.exe"Added by a variant of the IRCBOT TROJAN! Note - doe not confuse with the Polish language Instant Messaging client also called Gadu-Gadu"
XWinsk system Loaderwinsk.exe"Added by the AGOBOT-IZ WORM!"
XWinsock2 LoaderWICONF.EXE"Added by the SDBOT-LA WORM!"
XWinUpdate Loadermsnnm.exe"Added by the REVCUSS.C TROJAN!"
XXP Loaderloaderxp.exe"Added by a variant of the IRCBOT BACKDOOR! See here"
?XTCsgloaderXTCsgloader.exe"Another Xupiter toolbar variant??"
XXupiterCfgLoaderXTCfgLoader.exe"Xupiter - adware and homepage hijacker. Use Spybot S&D
XXupiterCfgLoaderBWCfgLoader.exe"Xupiter - adware and homepage hijacker. Use Spybot S&D
XXupiterToolbarLoaderXupiterToolbarLoader.exe"Xupiter - adware and homepage hijacker. Use Spybot S&D
XZip Driver LoaderZipLoader32.exe"Added by the OBLIVION TROJAN! This executable is one of the most common but there are more"
XZip Driver Loadermsload32.exe"Added by the OBLIVION TROJAN! This executable is one of the most common but there are more"
X[random name]CXTPLS_LOADER.EXE"AproposMedia adware"
X[Randomly chosen existing folder name]_loader.exe"Added by the ANTINNY-L WORM!"

DISCLAIMER: It is assumed that users are familiar with the operating system they are using and comfortable with making the suggested changes. I will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure.

This is NOT a list of tasks/processes taken from Task Manager or the Close Program window (CTRL+ALT+DEL) but a list of startup applications, although you will find some of them listed via this method. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL identifies programs that are currently running - not necessarily at startup. For a list of tasks/processes you should try WinTasks 5 Standard/Professional from LIUtilities or the list at AnswersThatWork. Therefore, before ending a task/process via CTRL+ALT+DEL just because it has an "X" recommendation, please check whether it's in MSCONFIG or the registry first. An example would be "svchost.exe" - which doesn't appear in either under normal conditions but does via CTRL+ALT+DEL. If in doubt, don't do anything.